Who is CAL

In Australia, CAL is the declared collecting society approved by the Attorney-General to administer the Statutory Education Licence to all educational institutions. Every school, TAFE and university throughout Australia relies on this licence for their copying needs, as do a large majority of private colleges and RTOs.

Why do you need a licence?

Having a CAL licence means that you have the freedom to introduce a wide variety of additional materials for use in the classroom. This includes whole articles from newspapers or journals as well as up to 10% or one chapter from any books, or material found on the internet.

Without a Statutory Licence, your organisation will require one of the following options to copy any amount:

  1. a direct licence to copy materials with another copyright owner, e.g. subscription services; or
  2. the time and resources to seek direct permission from each individual copyright owner every time you want to copy something.

How much does a licence cost?

All educational institutions pay an annual fee. The cost for community colleges and neighbourhood houses is the lowest across all educational institutions at only 24c per enrolment (based on 2010 figures). The minimum fee per year is $50.00.

How to apply

To apply for your licence, contact Sue Attar, CAL’s educational licensing representative toll free on 1800 066 844 or email

More information

For more information, visit CAL’s website.