The ACEVic “Fill the Gap”, program is available to any not for profit community education provider, whether you are a member of ACEVic or not.

We believe that our program offers lower premiums and higher claim limits because we:

By working with a brokerage partner, Coverforce Insurance Broking, they are able to provide advice and support with settling claims, something not normally available when you purchase directly from an insurance company. Fill in the form below, letting us know when your current policy is due, and we will contact you to provide you with a no obligation comparison quote.

Contact Drewe Hignett at Coverforce Insurance Broking on 02 9376 7836 or 1300 503 503, Drewe’s email address is

About Our Insurance Program

ACEVic’s insurance program in partnership with Coverforce Insurance Broking Pty Ltd, offers insurance tailored to the ACE sector. Our program is more than simply a set of insurance policies. Coverforce are Insurance Brokers whose job it is to ensure that you get the cheapest possible price for the insurance policies that cover your specific needs. Our insurance account executive. Drewe Hignett works with ACE and not for profit providers across NSW, Queensland and Victoria. Drewe knows how ACE centres operate so he will ensure that you get the coverage you need.

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If your Contents and Assets insurance is due now, fill in the form below and fax or send it directly to Drewe at Coverforce Insurance Broking and he will forward a quote for you to consider.
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Phone Advice

The ACEVic program with Coverforce includes phone advice and support on all aspects of insurance. This includes one-offs and special events which may require specific coverage.


When you purchase insurance directly from an insurance company, rather than through a specialist brokerage, your insurance claims are processed by the same organisation making the payments. When you purchase through a specialist brokerage, part of their role is to advocate on your behalf to ensure that claims are settled in a timely and fair manner.


Once you have lodged an insurance claim with the ACEVic insurance program, your details are kept online. The following year, instead of completing a complete history again, you simply log in and update your information. This is a service unique to the ACEVic program.


ACEVic’s insurance cover is available for:

Current Policy Holders

If you already hold insurance through ACEVic’s program, and would like to check on your details, you can contact Drewe Hignett at Coverforce on 02 9376 7836, 1300 503 503 or 1300 COVER, Drewe’s email address is